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02 - Epigenetic changes are reported in animal model of sepsis

03 - Is antibiotic treatment always necessary for chronic critical ill patients?

04 - Connection between biomarkers and aromatic metabolites in сerebrospinal fluid in critically ill patients

05 - Association between site of infection and in-hospital mortality among patients with sepsis in the emergency departments of thirdlevel hospitals in Medellin, Colombia

06 - Risk factors for development of sepsis in a pediatric ICU

07 - Early sepsis diagnosis: lesser internship time and death in a pediatric ICU

08 - Evaluation of pathogenic agents and antimicrobial susceptibility of chronic suppurative otitis media at Kigali Universality teaching hospital

10 - Etiology and antimicrobial resistance patterns of neonatal sepsis at Mulago National Referral Hospital, Uganda

11 - Elevated levels of Nt-proBNP, proinflamatory cytokines, procalcitonin and lactate are associated with increased risk of mortality in Sepsis and Acute Renal Injury patients

12 - Serum-induced cytotoxicity of patients with sepsis in cell culture HEK- Preliminary results for the development of a rapid AKI diagnostic test

14 - Diagnostic and prognostic value of interleukin-6, pentraxin-3, and procalcitonin levels among patients with sepsis and septic shock diagnosed at emergency department according to Sepsis-3 definitions

15 - Combined prognostic role of interleukin-35 and presepsin (sCD14 subtype) in clinical setting of sepsis and septic shock

16 - Rapid identification of Listeria monocytogenes from vertebral joint abscess clinical sample using eSensor and Electrowetting technology

17 - After recovery from severe-sepsis, the lung carries significant quiescent lesions with potential recurrent pathogenicity

18 - Can we do it better together? A Derbyshire countywide approach to sepsis care

19 - Targeting the NO-sGC axis to monitor and treat vascular dysfunction and vasoplegia in sepsis

20 - Primary peritonitis with rapid evolution to abdominal sepsis in an immunocompetent patient

21 - Impact of adenosine analog treatment on alveolar macrophage function in mice infected with Klebsiella pneumoniae B5055 induced pneumonia

22 - Incidence and impact of sepsis and septic shock after subarachnoid hemorrhage

23 - Vasoactive drug requirement in sepsis is related to insulin receptor isoform A expression

24 - Fulminant septic shock associated with Herpes Simplex Virus encephalitis

25 - Klebsiella pneumoniae pneumonia complicated with an abscess and empyema in an alcoholic

26 - Changes in central venous pressure during fluid challenge have limited valued to guide fluid therapy

27 - Components of fluid balance in patients with septic shock: what differentiates survivors from non-survivors?